A scandal before the FIFA election, police arrested influential football officials

“I want to point out that FIFA is a damaged party in this case,” said World Federation spokesman Walter de Gregorio. “FIFA welcomes the investigation and, of course, cooperates with the police.”

The investigation has involved corruption on the top floors of world football since the 1990s.

The charges should influence the 2010 World Cup elections, And marketing rights for football tournaments in the United States and Latin America, or FIFA presidential elections 2011. (More here)

“The accused used their influence to get bribes.They did it again and again, year after year, tournament tournament, “US Justice Secretary Loretta Lynch said on Wednesday afternoon of European Time, quoted by the BBC.

The second part of the investigation, Is being held in Switzerland due to suspicion of corruption in the election of World Champions 2018 (Russia) and 2022 (Qatar).

FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter, who will be re-serving on Friday, is not confirmed by the Swiss judiciary. According to De Gregoria, he does not consider withdrawing candidacy.

“Sepp Blatter is not involved in the case.He is President of FIFA and when delegates decide on Friday to be President, he will be, “De Gregorio stressed. “Mr Blatter, of course, does not dance with joy, but is still going to the beginning of the congress.”

However, the European Football Union (UEFA) is calling for the Friday’s election to be postponed by the FIFA president.”We are firmly convinced that the FIFA Congress should be translated and the new president elected in the next six months,” Gianni Infantino, secretary general of UEFA, said after a brief meeting of the European football executive Before the European Championship final in Warsaw. “There is a risk that the forthcoming FIFA Congress will change into a farce, so European unions should carefully consider their participation. UEFA member federations meet before the congress and decide on the next steps necessary to protect football. “

The journalists patrol the Baur au Lac hotel in Baur au Lac, where police arrested several influential football officials. / P>

Still, the scandal affects influential people, even if nobody has officially confirmed their names.BBC police arrested Jeffrey Webba, vice president of FIFA and chief of the North American Confederation.

The New York Times has added another prominent name – Eugenio Figueredo is also the current vice president of FIFA and the former head of the Uruguay Association.

According to Reuters, the scandal concerns a larger group than just seven people. But not everyone was in Zurich on Wednesday morning, where elections will be held on Friday. According to the investigators, fourteen people have been charged.

The chairman of the AIPS International Football Association’s AIPS Association, Keir Radnedge, added other names.FIFA Former Vice President Jack Warner (formerly suspected of corruption), candidate for FIFA Executive Committee Eduardo Li of Costa Rica, Julio Rocha of Nicaragua, Costas Takkas of the Cayman Islands, Rafael Esquivel of Venezuela, José Maria Marin of Brazil, and Nicolás Leoz of Paraguay.

When all the suspects in the civilian area transported from the Baur au Lac hotel to the hotel in Baur au Lac, they were covered with white sails early in the morning to remain anonymous. “These people are being investigated for suspicion of taking bribes from the nineties to the present,” Swiss law enforcement said on its website.

Swiss police have acted at the request of the US Department of Justice.The suspects are going to the United States, where the corrupt negotiations (totaling more than $ 100 million) were to happen.

“Today is a sad day for soccer,” said ali bin Husain, who will be Blatter’s only rival Friday’s election of the President of FIFA. “I can not comment any more now because new and new findings are coming to the surface.”

Friday’s elections will take place according to the plan, as confirmed by the FIFA De Gregorio press spokesperson, the only one behind FIFA has responded to the case so far: “It’s a tough moment, especially when it’s just before the congress. But the postponement of the congress was not at all in the game.The election will take place as planned. “On Tuesday, presidential candidate Bin Hussein announced to the police that somebody had offered to provide him with information on the finances of the candidate Blatter and to secure 47 votes in the polls.

The FIFA president will elect representatives of 209 member unions on Friday at the Zurich Congress. Swiss Blatter, who has been the head of the federation since 1998, will have the opposite of the 2007 and 2011 elections. The Dutch football boss Michael van Praag and the former best player in the world Luis Figo, but they withdrew their candidacy last week.