Bolt has a unique double: Now he is a legend from me

LONDON – Usain Bolt (25), as he did four years ago in Beijing, has also dubbed the Sprint Double in London.After winning a triumph on the 100-meter track, he won a bracelet and first defended his title in the two shortest cross-country disciplines.  Usain Bolt  Jamaican Joy, from the left: Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt and Warren Weir Usain Bolt Usain Bolt

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  • The twisting of the straight was at 19.32 and apparently slowing down at the end apparently made for the Olympic record.He won 19,30 in Beijing, his world record was 19,19.

    Managed to win both distances, now he was the first to repeat the two successes. Jamaican has repeatedly declared that when he can do it will become a legend. Now she has five golden Olympic medals and will still be championing colleagues in the relay.

    Beginning Usaina Bolta is an experience for the viewer’s eye

    Usain Bolt

    “I’ve put my whole heart in. I’m proud of this, that’s what I wanted here, and I’ve done it.Now it’s a legend, I do not have to prove anything anymore, “ was boasting Bolt.

    ” Now only the relay. We went to have fun, to get into it and to give away everything. “ added.

    With Boltom at the forefront, Jamaica celebrated the absolute triumph of the two-time world champion Yohan Blake (19.44), who repeated the silver of the hundreds and the third Warren Weir (19.84). But the twin was harder than I expected.I felt the pressure of my opponents when I ran out, I still had to concentrate, “Bolt said.

    Fully deployed bolt

     Usain Bolt

    ” I have achieved what I wanted. I’ve been preparing for this race all season. I am the biggest living athlete. I’m in the same category as Michael Johnson. When I grew up, I watched him overcome world records. He’s a great athlete. It’s amazing what we’ve done with compatriots Blake and Weirom. Jamaica is the best Sprint country in the world. I showed the world that I was the best. Now I want to enjoy it.These are my moments, I will never forget it. Track seven has been very good for me in recent days. I know that my coach is now going crazy too, “said Usain Bolt.

    Conclusion ended and celebrations could begin

     Usain Bolt

    AP (USA): ” When the world’s attention is greatest and the spotlight is strongest, Usain Bolt Is as good as gold.He left the competition behind him enough to slow down and put the left forefinger on his mouth to silence all critics. “

     Usain Bolt

    AFP (Fr.): ” Bolt has secured its legendary status as a unique double. Bolt enrolled in historical books in front of a fanatical crowd of 80,000 viewers. “

    Reuters (V.Brit.): “Crowned Bolt fired to a unique double-double sprint.”

    -block-double-std-64127.jpg “Independent (V. Brit.)”>

    : “Usain Bolt has maintained the position of the legend by winning 200 m.”

    Telegraph (V. Brit.): “There are now no doubts.That’s how it deserves, since it’s a legend, only with 100 and 200-meter winnings for two consecutive Olympics. “

    Berliner Morgen Post > “Usain Bolt has doubled and became immortal. Like in Beijing, no one in London has even touched 100 and 200 meters this time. It took 112 years for someone to earn gold twice in both short sprays. It had to come to the most famous Jamaican ever since Bob Marley. “

    Die Welt (Germany): ” Bolt once again beat the countryman Bolt. By releasing at the end he prepared for another world record. Bolt won the immortality race under five circles.It is crowned as the best sprinter of history. “

     Usain Bolt

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (DE): ” Bolt has already entered the history of sport,

    Le Parisien (Fr.): “Jamaica is the Caribbean island kingdom in the world of sprinter.” Em>

    Liberation (Fr.): “Bolt re-crowned King.After hundreds, he kept the title on a double track. “

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     Usain Bolt

     Usain Bolt