Czechs, according to Nedvěda, can not play in Germany as fearsome as the ME

Czech footballers, according to the former captain of the national team Pavel Nedved, have a chance for success in the German World Cup Saturday in the Germany, but only if they are not afraid of the June European championship. The Golden Bull Holder in 2003 would like the representatives to play in Hamburg a similarly courageous game like Sparta a week ago, winning 3: 1 over Milan’s Milan Inte. In the European League. “I know it will be Very difficult, because the Germans are bulldog types and they have a mentality that they never have anything to do, but they can play with everybody when the boys give up everything in them, I believe the chances are, “said Nedvěd To journalists in Prague, where he appeared as a patron 20.Year-old children’s tournament for students of the first grade of the McDonald’s Cup.

The Czech team, according to him, will not have a chance in Hamburg if he only defends. “I think the way Sparta played against Inter was a very clear guide, and today, when you just fall and wait for what will make you stronger, sooner or later, you will get the same goal, it does not bother players or fans. “

” The boys have a chance to show the world, “said Juventus vice president, That football can play, it’s not betting sider med startbonus to worry about big names, big characters, which is not the case with Eura.It was there that they were playing fearfully, and it did not lead to any success, “he added.

They believe that the Czech unit will break the curse in the world qualification, from which he has only once advanced to the championship In 2006. “Our generation has always been more European, we have not been able to qualify for the world. I hope they will not continue. The group has a hard time, but it’s a normal group to go to, “he said.

The win of his former club from Letná over Milan’s favorite made him delighted that his Juventus just The club has suffered a single defeat in the new season. “Sparta bookmakere norge returned it, so I was very pleased. It was a great pleasure for me, I took it with a smile, because to beat Inter, it will always delight us in Juventus.Historically, it’s the biggest rival. We were very happy and sent a congratulation to Sparta, “Nedved said.

Inter was much criticized in Italy for defeat. ” They got a little behind their ears and I think, Because they did not play good football. I think Sparta was a bit underestimated, and she was surprised to play good football. She played offensive and it was a success for her, “said Nedved forty-four.

His joy is also the fact that the Italian league starts after the summer arrival of midfielder Ladislav Krejci in Bologna and striker Patrik Schick Sampdoria. “I’m glad that some players have come up after a long time. I watch them carefully.Both Lada Krejci and Patrik Schick perform very well and are praised by their clubs, “Nedved said.

” Maybe I did not even expect Lada to get so fast. But he was lucky to have a good club, a good coach and a good way of playing that suits him. He plays the left assailant, and he sits.

It is important that he does not stop and want to move further into a better club than Bologna, “he added.

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