DP: Slovaks in round 1 of the 2005 World Cup at home with Spain

MADRID – Slovak tennis players will play in the first round of the Davis Cup World Cup in 2005 on 4-6 March at home against Spain.He decided on a quarterly jump at the headquarters of BNP Paribas in Madrid.

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in the first round in the Czech Republic (3: 2), in the scaron, with 4: 1 in the Netherlands and 4: 1 in the semifinals of France (4: 1). In 2000, Carlos Moya (6th grade) was represented by Davis Cup’s 2000 (fin fin and auspices of Austr & Aacute; liu 3: 1).(14/14), Tommy Robredo (17/30), Feliciano Lopez (29/47), Rafael Nadal (14/17), Tomas Robredo (17/30), Feliciano Lopez (29/47) 49./41.) And Alberto Martin (68./100.). “Moya and Ferrero can also play well on wet surfaces, the team is also talented and talented, and Nadal and his teammates, Robredo – Nadal, also have quality,” he said, pointing to the most powerful and scarboroughing pen

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Slovakia – & Scaron, Spain
& Scaron, vajcia – The Netherlands
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