Federer’s Seventh Grandslam title, second in Melbourne

MELBOURNE – Winner of the men singles at the opening grandslam tennis tournament of the Australian Open in Melbourne ($ 19.3 million) was top-ranked Swiss Roger Federer.

Lights & CORPORATE a 5: 7, 7: 5, 6: 0, 6: 2 tournament, surrendered by the Cypriot Marcosa Baghdatis in a scaron set for 166 minutes, and 6: 0, 6: 2 and the seven grandslam & yacute; title kari & eacute; ry, after two years species & yacute; at the Australian Open.

After the equalizing of a good quality two-packed two-piece set of Federer defeated by the Federer, he deflected his resistance to hurt his fingers when the questionable 20-year-old missile missed Cypercan transformed setbal.B & yacute, the world’s best and scaron world, and the junior squad, and perhaps even a year of empathy and eacute judges, have faded so much that in the next two years, the two agents were no longer equivalent to the world unit, only two gems. Nevertheless, it has achieved the process of finishing a life of life;

Federer extended his fama, fin fin aacute; lov & uacute; the balance of the Grand Slams tournaments, when in seven fins and aacute, hunting and yachting attempts even once in a hat. In addition to a scaron to AUD 1 220 000,Tournament & yacute;

Marcos Baghdatis (Cypr.) 5: 7, 7: 5, 6: 0, 6: 2 in 166 minutes & uacute;

< they were under the auspices of taking only one fift & cacti; Then young & yacute; Cyperčan (up to 54th in ATP Entry) brejkol světov & uacute; the unit as a primary one, but rather an auspicious; he did not keep his service and was 3: 3. In the second half of the first set, the two sets are already ready to be delivered. tennis, value & yacute; fin & aacute; big size tournaments.Baghdatis Finally, in state 5: 5 men and scaron used, even indispoz & iacute; & uacute the CIU, the tongue and the & Scaron; vajčiarovom Podan & iacute; 6: 5. W & yacute; born & yacute, m service simply pushed into the set and uacute; SPE & scaron n FLY end of it, for 43 minutes and uacute; t won 7: 5th Nenasaden & eacute; runner got on his horse and from the outset kind & eacute; it set & scaron; iel took a 2: 0th Federer then trааауt, he did not utter, thеу eacute; mistakes or service did not hold him. With a score of 2: 2, he grabbed his hand. S & uacute; peri began to pull gem after geme to the & aacute; truly set when Baghdatis nezvl & aacute; down his administration, despite leading 40: 0thIn the end, Scaron and the eagle, and finally, Scaron, who got to the brekkbalu, who & yacute; he used his hand on a rocket with a pen. Cypercán reclaimed good & uacute; the ball, but at the empire and eacute, the referee did not do it. This decision made him so excited that he felt like he had lost tennis & uacute in another & scaron; force and um, who are acting; he was decorated with him during the tournament. Tret & iacute; The set only lasted 24 minutes, and Federer was shocked by him, and he was able to get rid of it. Baghdatis had only & yacute; brejkbal was now 0 - 4, but did not make the score. & Scaron, the egg finished off a set of unbearable & yacute m returns from bekhed. The sovereignty of the world unit continued also in the scaron, the thirteenth century. Federer led 3: 0 when Baghdatis after one & aacute; stich straten & yacute; ch gemoch finally fired the game.If you do not know what to do and do not make it up to you, do not make the pen and do not make it 2: 5 at your fingertips. he released his favorite immediately first & yacute; match point.