Fico accepted the paralympics, Čaplovič promised the money for sports

BRATISLAVA – Prime Minister Roberto Fic received the Slovakian expedition for the upcoming Paralympic Games in London at the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic. He has given appointment decrees to individual members.

Róbert Fico and Ján Riapoš

  • Slovak Paralympics before the Games in London
  •  Róbert Fico and Dusan Čaplovič with paralympics

    Čaplovič has promised considerable financial support.

    “The government is aware that even among disabled athletes, It is increasing.It promotes not only development but also the creation of training conditions. That is why we are preparing a new concept of state care for sport, which will include the area of ​​care for athletes with health disabilities, including increasingly financial security, “ promised the Prime Minister.

    in Slovakia should be financed not only from the state budget, but also from the sources of the state-owned betting agency Tipos, Čaplovič thinks.

    “I will try to obtain resources from Tipos. It must be clearly purpose-bound means. We will support the development of youth, school or academic sport, the development of some important international events in Slovakia.And, of course, we will ask for resources that are purposefully approved also for the completion of small playgrounds, ice surfaces, “said the head of the education ministry.

    alt = “Robert Fico and Dusan” src = “/ cacheImg / obr / 600px / sportky-foto-65254.jpg” style = “width: 600px; “Capkovic pointed out that today Slovakia is paying less money to finance sports than the surrounding countryside, given that it is not possible to predict, at present, that this situation could be greatly changed for the better, it should look for ways to more efficiently redistribute finances.This is what the ministry intends to pursue with the concept of the development of sport, which it wants to present to the government in December.

    “After the approval of the concept, we come to the bill on the roofing body of sport, what the Germans did after a more or less failed Olympics in Athens in 2004, when they decided to unite all sports associations, to create one common body, “ approached Čaplovič.

    according to him, he should also focus on what areas Slovakia wants to finance from the available resources.Besides supporting young athletes, the minister wants to promote even greater investments in collective sports and disciplines in which Slovak sportsman traditionally perform. already. He mentioned, for example, the equalization of the salary for Medalists from the Olympics and the Paralympics.Riapoš handed him a thankless decree, a T-shirt and an official jacket of the Slovak Paralympic Team 2012.

    Róbert Fico and Ján

    I remember the period when the winter project of the Vancouver Paralympic Games was threatened and thanks to you, Slovakia could start and get 11 medals,

    Paralympic games in London start on August 29 and run until 9 September.More than 4000 athletes, including 33 Slovaks, who take part in nine sports disciplines, will take part in it.

    First of all, the Fico decree took the lead of the Slovak expedition Samuel Roško, followed by athletes by individual sports and in the end leadership team and support team. Men’s decrees were for the first time in history enriched with graphics written by Leo Bednárik.

    On Wednesday at 11.00 h Paralympians at the Presidential Palace in Hodžovo náměstí in Bratislava promise to the President’s hands. style = “text-align: center;”> src =