Wow, give this beautiful sportswoman a good deal

BRATISLAVA – Dangerously beautiful! Jana Vojtikevičová not only looks great but also a successful karate.In its category, she has even become the most successful sportswoman of the National Sports Center (NSC) for the year 2012.

The Knicks also won the tenth match of the season, winning Miami

MIAMI – New York Knicks basketball players are the only NBA team that has not played at home this season. The series of victories at Madison Square Garden have knocked Knicks on Saturday for ten matches when Cleveland handled tightly

Young Slovaks are very hopeful, they make a good name in Europe

BRATISLAVA. “I do not know who wrote the scenario of this match but it was crazy”, Pavel Hapal admitted after qualifying for the UE 2017 qualifier. The Slovaks played 0: 2 in the 50th minute but after a stunning turn

Boredom or distress. Van Gaal gets back into the game with the fans

MANCHESTER. Boredom, suffering and offensive helplessness. Manchester United’s fans have not once again touched fans at Old Trafford and after a gauntlet draw with West Ham, they have listened to their remarks about playing the game. Trainer Louis van Gaal

Mourinho finished in Chelsea, replaced by Dutch Hiddink

BRATISLAVA. He works arrogantly, promising. When he accidentally smiles, it is rather a grimace or a grimace. His great achievements have raised his confidence. José Mourinho always defended his players by his own body. He led the psychological warfare, and

The Premier League will meet the two biggest disappointments of the season

BRATISLAVA. They have no rest, for the inflated program they risk wounding. While players of other European lagers have a break, England is also playing between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Fans are enthusiastic, Breaks, however, many trainers criticize. “In

Cibulková wants to hit the top 10 again

STANFORD, BRATISLAVA. Dominica Cibulka California is sitting. Last summer, she won the Carlsbad tournament and on Sunday she enjoyed the triumph at Stanford. With the premiere victory at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow 2011 he has three titles on the

SZHH responds to the player statement: We will take our seats

BRATISLAVA. The leadership of the Slovak ice hockey association (SZĽH) headed by President Igor Němeček and the new Secretary-General Roberto Pukalovič disagreed with the statement of a group of 27 Slovak hockey players about the situation in the movement, which

NHL: Panic’s winning debut, Hossa assisted twice

NEW YORK. Slovak hockey player Marián Hossa with two assistances helped to win Chicago home over Nashville 3: 2 in an olympic NHL match at night on Wednesday. The Blackhawks also debuted his compatriot and center Richard Pánik, who played

Liptov: Magda did not manage the role of the unit, she began to drop mentally

APELDOORN. Two years ago, in Moscow, they were on the way to the final of the Federation Cup, now they will fight for the fourth time, not to fall into the regional zone. Slovak tennis players were in the 1st