Řež na Sparta. The exchange of souls and the short-circuit did not. Nonsense, he did not understand

Even before the start of the quarter-finals, Generali play off the Tipsport Extraliga between Sparta and Kometa Brno, it was clear that they will have the proper chances. Both teams have leaned back in the first duel (2: 3). In the middle of the first period, one of the main judges had to leave for the club, and in the second third the homeless Richard Nedomlel signed the match.

Sparta has entered the first quarterfinals with Kometa for the first time.She took two goals in less than five minutes and kept her opponents under pressure. “We were expecting the opening pressure of Sparta and we wanted to capture it, which we would have done if we did not leave unnecessarily to the three for the puck’s throw away from the playing area,” Komety coach Assistant Coach Kamiet Pokorny said after the game.

Praguers continued in the next few minutes, and the first unexpected complications came in the fervor of battle. At the beginning of the 14th minute, the Spartians were pressed into the goal and the striker Miroslav Forman accidentally hit Vladimír Pešin’s sticks and the main referee with a march to the ice.

“The referee Pesin had a market blow that he had five stitches Our doctor has shuffled.However, his return was not possible because he could not keep his whistle in his mouth, “Sparta spokesman Tomáš Zetek approached the game.

The match continued only under the supervision of Daniel Pražák, who helped Pavel Hodek from the beginning of the third period. However, the absence of the second principal judge may have been negatively signed in the middle. It could not be attributed to the guilty Pražák, but the ice was sharpened and hard work intensified.

The unconscious shorting stood for the Spart of power

The most striking and utterly useless in the middle of the 32nd minute Spartan defender Richard Nedomlel.Sparty’s upscale backslaid went back to the blue line where Jozef Kováčik stood and the Spartan player of his opponent attacked hard from behind.

He earned the punishment for the end of the game and mainly sent his team for five minutes To four. The comet did not use the long power, but eventually it was able to use it for its benefit. “We did not manage to use the power, but Sparta had a lot of power in it,” he was looking forward to the Pokorny match, which Sparta George Coalus was right to say.

“It was pointless and unnecessary. As has been said, we lost our power in the power race, “the head of the Prague team broke.”Richard was an emphatic player, he was kicked off the penalty bench and the defender backed back, I think it was not meant to happen,” the Spartan striker told reporters. Even he could have missed a lot of chances that the Spartians did not change because they were burning off three rods and a goal construct. “We have made a lot of unchallenged chances and we have allowed Brno to reduce, in contrast, only one treble in the weakness that we played exactly as we did not want,” said Kalous.

: 03. J. Hlinka, 04:25. P. Crow

Guests: 22:05. V. Němec, 55:41. Nečas, 56:52. Mallet


Domestic: Pöpperle (F.Novotný) – Mikuš, Piskáček, Nedomlel, Gernát, Švrček, Eminger, Kalina – Řepík, P. Vrána (A), J. Hlinka (C) – Klimek, Smejkal, Buchtele – Cingel, Uher.

Guests: Ciliak – J. Krejcik, O. Nemec (C), Gulasi, Kovacic, Malec, Bartejs, F. Kral Erat, Hruška (A), M. Kvapil – Vincour, V. Němec, Zaťovič (A) – Mallet, H. Zohorna, Dočekal – Haščák, Nečas, J. Káňa – Vondráček. “>