Silver Ledecká: I am very happy, I have to bow to the opponent

DIRECTLY FROM SPAIN The silver medal was won by snowboarder Ester Ledecká in parallel slalom at the World Championships in Sierra Nevada. The defense of the title in 2015 prevents her nineteen-year-old Austrian Daniela Ulbing.

Gold is silver but disappointed you will not, is it?
“No, definitely not. Today it was a difficult race from the start, we had other conditions than we have on the worlds, so it was such a special organizational one. We did not have a tour before the final, I did not expect much. I’m glad that the race took place in these conditions and I’m happy with the result. It’s great. “

Did you like the soft snow that was sunshine all day?
” It was soft, a little sunk, It was okay.Maybe it’s a little bit worse than we have it on worlds, but it’s not so different. It’s more like the general organization here lagging a bit. “

” How did the race build, how the information came at the last minute. At first we thought the tour would be, then we were sitting there for forty minutes before the final started. It’s so strange.I always praise the organization, because it has to be difficult to do something like this, but here’s a lot of discipline, so it’s not easy. “

Where was the final against Ulbing? “I’ve been choosing red slalom all the time, because after qualifying, it was maybe a bit faster, so now (in the final) I moved to a blue that was not so busy. “

In the blue track, almost did not win during the day, did you feel the chance? “Certainly, because they won two of them in blue, so I knew the chances are always there. Even if everyone loses in blue, I’ll have a chance.I did not give up and I wanted to fight until the end. “

What are you planning on Thursday’s race in parallel giant slalom, the Olympic race?
” I’m looking forward to it, because it’s a nice hill and I hope to enjoy it as much as I can today and to make the most of my ride. “

Do you accept medal ambitions?
(laughs) “You know me, I say that every day is different, everyone else sleeps, nothing is certain. I’ll fight and see if it’s going to be enough for my riding. “