Slovácko – Slavia 0: 2, Zmrhal and Vukadinovič scored the fifth place

Slovácko has bet on an active offensive game after the previous series of failures. The top scorer was the top scorer at the 12th minute Došek, who headed the goalie Berkovka, but the ball bounced off the bar in the field.

“It was a very difficult match for us, Slovácko is in home environment very strong in combat situations. It also has a dangerous standard situation. We knew what our opponent was about to play. If Slavia were to score the first goal in the match, the match would look different, “said Dušan Uhrin ml., Coach Slavia.

Slavia stepped up after half an hour. 31 minutes into the game, Vukadinović headed for Heča.Two minutes later, Mikula found a ground pass of Vukadinovich’s pass, who in the immediate vicinity shoved the home keeper and sent guests to the lead.

This action was also injured after a clash with player Slavie Heča and had to be replaced by Daněk. Just before the end of the half-time, Vukadinovich found free Deli who did not score the free corner of Slovácko’s goal.

After changes to the pages, the outcome of the match was already dictated by Slavia. Early after the penalty kick of Jablonski hit the head of Škoda bruvno, but in the 58th minute he used the misunderstanding of the home blinds Zmrhal, who easily won the ball and scored the second goal. “Our defects in the defense are constantly repeated, precipitating us. Because of them we lose matches and we collect lots of goals.This is also reflected in our offensive game, which is not so strenuous. We will have to deal with the defensive phase, “said domestic coach Svatopluk Habanec.

Slovácko has increased the offensive effort in the final twenty minutes. Closer to the score was Došek, who did not score a goal. Slavia still successfully defended the opponent’s predominance and in the end, the Vukadinovich could have increased the lead but Daněk caught the solo.

“I am happy how our players managed the match. We both scored in a quick counterattack. Well, we played well the standard situation where we could score. We wanted three points and we have them.We play very well outside, we still have big fluctuations at home, “Uhrin added.