Talent McDavid will be back sooner. He hates watching hockey, he says

McDavid broke the collarbone in Philadelphia, and immediately underwent surgery. And the first estimates of convalescence did not sound too optimistic, originally talking about returning to ice in March.

Now Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli told Canadian youth fans that McDavid “defied the calendar.” Maybe he could play in January.

“She wants to come back sooner, but I will not tell you exactly when it will be. We have to make the right decision for the club and for Connor, “quoted Chiarelli last week as an overseas media. According to him, it’s easier to treat the fact that McDavid’s wound did not damage the soft tissues.

Maybe this kid has a really durable body capable of faster regeneration. Last year, when he joined Erie in OHL, he wounded his hand in battle.In less than six weeks they joined the home junior world championship. Eleven points (3 + 8) have led Canada to the desired gold.

“Do not ask for big things for me,” he said before the start of the championship. But it is bad luck, the big things are just waiting for him.

Given the new circumstances of the treatment, the question arises: Can he become a candidate for the Calder trophy? It is not entirely out of the question, there are sports betting offers a few who are hoping for such a development.

Before the unfortunate injury, McDavid had 12 goals and 12 points in 12 matches and was declared the newcomer of the month. Last year, after taking off the plate, he trained fire to return to his form.

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“No one will push him to return. When I say a date, I would add another week, “says player agent Jeff Jackson.

On the other hand, he also speaks very positively.

“He feels really good, he is mentally balanced. He wants to be back as much as possible. I know it’s a cliché, but he really hates to hockey just to watch. He wants to help the teammates on ice. “

McDavid is recovering from his parents in Ontario. Occasionally they are visiting Edmonton’s teammates. Practicing in the pool, sitting in the gym, even though everything goes even better than planned, he has not yet biased.But he works really conscientiously on a great comeback.

“It’s exactly the type of athlete who does what he tells. This boy does not look for any shortcuts, “says Jackson.

And he adds to the current situation of talented McDavid an interesting way. “He is like a purebred, you can not hold him for a long time in betting site offers the stable.”

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