UC Sampdoria – Udinese Calcio

Sampdoria wants at home in the last game of the year to find balance and serenity, who recently left. Udinese will be a challenging opponent but because begging in December is going well.

At Luigi Ferraris stadium, the home Sampdoria try to sweeten their fans a Christmas atmosphere prize that marines recently escapes. From Udinese, which beat arrives on points, they divide the home side just two points. And though begging against Doria thrive in the long term, to the stadium experienced a lot of wins. Now, however, they have the advantage of much better shape.

Genoa Sampdoria had the last two rounds and both failed to win consistently lost ratio of 2: 1st The defeat of Lazio given his good form again, so do not hurt, but the Chievo according to many, should consult Doria. It did not happen, Verona whole, led home by two wickets still in the 90th minute. Then makes Czech forward Patrik Schick, which thrives as players shoot at least střídajícímu contact gates. Meanwhile scored 6 goals in 12 duels and his talent speaks more and more people.

For example, Fabio Bazzani, who revealed: “Against Udinese has Sampdoria ideal chance to undo the last two duels. Udinese is definitely playable opponent. Just concentrations and whether the players surrendered maximum. In addition, we have Patrick Schick, which is far beyond the expectations of a good joker. Combines Muriel styles together and Quagliarella and is dangerous whenever the board. Having a third striker like Patrick, it’s a big advantage for coach Giampaolo. ”

Pets will not be able to use only the services of the duo Carbonero and Viviano, because they are both injured for an extended period. Guests will have a bit more difficult situation because arrive without injured players such as Armero, Heurtaux, Kone, Lodi or Peñaranda. The Chief Judge will Gavillucci arbiter.

Udinese claws up the table and a lot of it to help the last form. Over the past three duels have conceded only one goal and just six of them could. In the last round, garnering a third win in a row, though thanks to two goals by the experienced shooter Cyril Théréaua consult with a newcomer from Crotone, which once contributed assists and Czech midfielder Jakub Jankto. In addition, guests played out without an excluded goalkeeper Cordaze.

A large share of earnings has coach Luigi Delneri, which, moreover, notes and Udinese patron. Giampaolo Pozzo in an interview with reporters praised: “The coach Delneri appreciate the long-term project here at Udinese we try to adhere to. For many people, from football players to the coaches is Udinese just a transit station, but Delneri gets to work best. Does the club weakness and giving to the work of the heart. that to really appreciate it and hope that it will contribute to our success largely, “owner wishes movable ribs.