Vydra: When you do not have a player in England, you are average. The Czechs lack the head

It is he who was the only one in this season, and so the last of the Czech players in the field ran into the Premier League. For three minutes. Matěj Vydra then moved from Watford to the Derby County second league, which he is trying to get between the English elite.

Simple question. Why did the Czechs disappear from the Premier League?
“Well, from the Czech league, they will not buy anybody right now. Clubs are already looking for ready-made players who have gone through heavy games. And they are looking for other leagues, but they do not buy too many Czechs. They prefer footballers from Serbia, Croatia and other countries. I do not know why we have disappeared. “

What do you think we are lagging behind Croats or Serbs?
” Technological equipment.They are otherwise educated than we in the Czech Republic, care for an individual to improve more than himself in the collective. They also put emphasis on technique or shooting, not even on team results. They simply focus on individuality. Then they sell it, and it comes out to them. Or take the example of Belgium. A few years ago she had no results as a representation, now look at their personalities, Hazard, De Bruyne, Lukaku and many others. They had to wait for the next generation, it was not easy, but they worked hard on them and they did not look for an explanation why this is not possible.

In the Czech Republic we are accustomed to collectively winning and forgetting To the main skills. Is that so?
“Perhaps most important is the one-on-one game.If you do not have a sucker in this situation, you are probably just an ‘average’ player. It’s nice if you put the shot at fifty yards, but in today’s football the solution is one of the most important. You must have the technique, the first touch with the ball, especially the fast, then the shooting. Nothing lasts for you. And it’s in the head. Everything can be improved. “

Premier League you have tried one season in West Browmichi. Thinking about what is missing specifically for you to stay there?
“Sometimes it’s just a head. I had another one before, when I did not play, it was very familiar to me. Here they call it body language, body language. One day, when it comes, you shine like sunshine, and when you sit down, you can see frustration. But you must not show here.Maybe it hurt me earlier. Sometimes the communication with the coach was different. But what it is is gone. “

Do Czech players now have a closer look at the Premier League from the second English League, Championship, or rather someone from outside the type of Vladimir Darida?
” Top clubs are looking for top league players for big money. Now it’s probably more viable for us to go through the second league, because you’ve already adapted to the second highest competition. You have played forty-six games per season. They know it’s already a Premier League. When you move from Spain to England, you get used to a different mentality and style of football. I’m there for the fourth season, I should be talking, style and everything more adaptable.You also have a better chance of alerting yourself because you never know who you can find in your home cups. They will not take you from one game, but at least they know about you. “

Does the Premier League remain the biggest dream for you?
” Just like the Spanish league. But English, in terms of everything, people, backgrounds and, of course, income, though it may be miserable, is quite different from any other league. It’s a football country, people are eating here and they’re still going. “